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What Others Have to Say

"Carissa Harris is an extraordinary massage therapist. She creates a positive and healing atmosphere, manages to gently but thoroughly loosen the tightest trouble spots and adjusts her work based on the client's feedback. She has helped me work my way back from two serious surgeries."
-Bruce F


I have to say I was a bit skeptical about Reiki until I felt the pure energy flow through my body. I'm hooked. I'm not sure if it's because Carissa is a fellow Mt Biker or what but she massages my bike legs better than any other massage therapist I have been to. And she she really focuses on the the areas I ask her to. Carissa is the best!
-Jeff V


"Carissa Harris is a jedi when it comes to understanding the body. Her attention to detail and care is a refreshing reminder on how important frequent self-care is. She found parts on my body I didn't even know were hurting! Pressure was fantastic and so was her willingness to listen to my body. I can't wait for my next one!"
-Inspirational Eve


 “Carissa is the best massage therapist that I've ever gone to.”
-Bianca R


"Carissa is an excellent massage therapist. She creates the most inviting, calming and relaxing environment. Carissa was able to address the specific sore areas with just the right amount of pressure with regard to how the body works as a whole. The best massages that I have ever received!!"
-Sabrina P


"What I loved about Carissa's Reiki class was that it was like a retreat and a class all in one! I loved the quiet morning walks, moving meditations, journaling, healthy snacks and tea all day, and the ending meditations and group exercises. Not to mention, giving and receiving energy work - one of my favorite parts of massage school was how much bodywork I got to receive, so selflessly, so that others could practice! ;) Dare I say, with Reiki, it's even better because it's not draining to give and the practitioner actually receives healing Reiki energy while they are giving. It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to having Reiki in my life from now on!"
-Victoria R attended in February 2017