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Reiki Classes and Attunements

Wouldn't it be amazing to follow your inner knowing and finally take the next step in your personal growth to begin your Reiki journey? Achieving that goal is truly possible with my proven system, whether your starting out at Level 1 & 2, or are ready to deepen your journey to Advanced & Master this is the customized Reiki Series for you.

 Here's how, this is a unique Reiki program designed for you to learn Reiki in bite sizes, giving ample time for all the necessary information to be absorbed. With tons of hands-on practice, both giving and receiving! I share all of my experience and techniques I have learned over the years, and encourage you to tune into your intuition allowing it to be your guide. After your Level one attunement your time at home with focus on Daily self reiki. Emailed journal prompts encourage you to place your hands each day to establish your Reiki Connection. 21 days after your level one attunement, we will move on to Level two, where you will learn more advanced techniques, the sacred symbols to empower your reiki as well as learn distance healing. We will practice using each symbol to get acquainted with the different energies they provide. The 8 week program is dedicated to helping you gain confidence, trust your intuition, and tap into your natural gifts. 

You will find that my approach is unique, and different from other Reiki Master Teachers. 

Traditional Reiki classes are held over a weekend and are jam packed with important information including history, hand placements, techniques and more! I have found in this setting a lot of people get overwhelmed by the feeling of “having to do it right” in order to use Reiki, others leave not feeling confident in their new found ability. 

That is why I have created this unique program, where I share all of my experiences and techniques in a manner that allows you ample time to learn, practice and absorb all of Level 1 & 2 Reiki. 

Sound good!? Please fill out the Application here to get started! I will review it and be in touch to schedule a time to connect via phone or zoom and make sure it’s a good fit.