Create Balance

Meet Carissa Harris LMT., RMT.

Hi! I'm Carissa (pronounced Car-ee-suh) Harris owner of Create Balance. I am a Colorado native, momma to an amazing little boy, two blue heelers and wife to an adrenaline seeking, fun and supportive hubby. As a family we love all sorts of outdoor adventures- downhill  and enduro mountain biking, snowboarding, camping, hiking, traveling in our van and shows at Red Rocks Ampitheatre! Nature has always been true therapeutic medicine for me, and rejuvenates my soul. Some less “extreme” more spiritual passions of mine are sound healing, receiving energy and bodywork to keep me moving forward, inspired, intentional and present. Receiving transformational healing, for me is equally as important as giving to others.  My soul has been called to serve people by providing energetic bodywork (an amazing combination of Reiki and therapeutic massage techniques) to those seeking a way to manage stress, reduce tension, and become more Self aware. 

As well as spreading the light of Reiki to those who are ready to learn it themselves.  I believe that when we feel less stress and lighter it allows us the ability to live a healthier lifestyle, be present in daily life, have more fun and feel free. At Create Balance I take pride in creating a peaceful, supportive space for clients to relax, release stuck energy within the physical and energetic body, tap into your own inner wisdom, rejuvenate your mind body and Spirit and receive healing necessary to move forward in life.

My massage therapy journey began with the desire to make a difference in people's lives. I received a Certificate from the Denver School of Massage Therapy in 2009. My career started at a four star spa in Boulder, CO where I  gained experience working amongst some of the best MTs in the area, with all types of clients; athletes, celebrities, travelers, and locals of all sorts. In 2015 I quit the spa, and dove into my private practice. That same year is when Reiki

came into my life. The desire to serve clients on a deeper level and get into the realm of energy work has completely shifted my work. While getting in touch with my spiritual side it became clear to me that taking the next step in my Reiki journey was in alignment. I became a Certified Reiki Master Teacher in 2016, and quickly began holding classes and spreading the Reiki light to others. It has been a humbling experience to share something so powerful to friends family and strangers-  while watching their personal growth blossom. I have facilitated Reiki shares, and volunteered for LifeSpark Cancer Resources  providing Reiki to cancer patients. As I continue on my path this year (Oct 2019) I embark on a journey to dive even deeper into the possibilities of serving clients in a more meaningful way by beginning a 9 month BodyMind Coaching program. BMC is a self-discovered process uncovering new possibilities, assisting clients to feel into their bodies to reconnect to themselves - to rediscover who they are, be empowered, have transformational shifting from within, and to discover their own internal compass.