Events & Workshops

A series of monthly outdoor events combining activities, movement and mindfulness. Designed to get you reconnected with nature and Self.

June 26: Forest Bath Hike 

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A mindful 3.5 mile moderate hike at Panorama Point, lead by Carissa Harris and Brian Baker complete with beautiful views of the continental divide. This unique guided sensory experience will reawaken your connection with nature, forming a relationship with your surroundings. Ignite compassion within yourself and tune into the wisdom of the trees and within. Mid way through the hike we will sit with the trees for a guided meditation, peace and quiet, and embodied journaling. 

Leave feeling cleansed, and grounded with invaluable tools to use in your everyday life to help you cope with the stresses, and anxieties of life. 

More events to come:


Yoga in the woods

Group Fitness

Mtn Bike with Coaching