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A series of monthly outdoor events combining activities, movement and mindfulness. Designed to get you reconnected with nature and Self.

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August 22 - 6:00pm - Chase Reservoir Approximately 2 hours (until Sunset) $25

Surround yourself with water and Colorado’s beauty. Take a break from [phone] distractions, the hustle and bustle of life and enjoy some peaceful cleansing and energizing time on the water. 

This group paddle board event will focus on the mindfulness of being in the present moment, and connecting our breath and movements with the water. 

Paddle around the lake to get your sea legs, and then come together for some balance training. This is a great sport for cross training, strengthening stabilizer muscles, and activating the core. Enjoy this low impact total body workout for any skill level.

More events to come:

Yoga in the woods

Mtn Bike with Coaching