Create Balance

Balance Is Not Something You Find, It's Something You Create


At Create Balance Carissa (Car-ee-suh) Harris provides energetic bodywork (an amazing combination of Reiki and therapeutic massage techniques) to those seeking a way to manage stress, reduce tension, and become more Self aware. 

When you feel less stress and lighter it allows you the ability to live a healthier lifestyle, be present in daily life, have more fun and feel free. Carissa takes pride in creating a peaceful, supportive space for clients to relax, release stuck energy within the physical and energetic body, tap into your own inner wisdom, rejuvenate your mind body and Spirit and receive healing necessary through Reiki, Massage and Coaching to move forward in life. 

Create Balance is pleased to announce we have found a new home. Appointments available at 972 Golden Gate Canyon Black Hawk, CO 

Please reach out via phone or Email with any questions or to schedule in Gilpin.